Risk management

Professional, operational, technological or strategic—we know all the risks to avoid. We also know that the risks can vary from organization to organization, depending on the imperatives at stake.

Right from the start, we take every conceivable step to mitigate your risks by identifying your specific needs and customizing our comprehensive process accordingly. Our made-to-measure risk management strategy is then applied at each stage of every project and in each decision we make in order to meet your requirements.

In multilingual communications, as in all your key operations, the risks can entail consequences that prove costly, counterproductive and/or harmful to your image.

Because of this, the question of risk is every bit as important as efficiency-related considerations when assessing a potential language partner or solution. It’s also why optimized risk management is such a vital component of our responsibility toward you and your communications.


Guaranteed anytime access
to the services you need

A supplier whose people
are overwhelmed or unavailable when you need them most

  • What do you do if your supplier is unable to handle all of your requests in a timely fashion?
  • If it doesn’t have sufficient staff
    or anyone available outside
    of regular business hours?
  • If it has inefficient management processes or doesn’t offer
    all of the services you need?
  • What happens if your supplier neglects to analyze your needs
    and plan the necessary resources?

You could end up faced with crises that are costly and—more importantly—unnecessary.

Comprehensive client protection

  • Expert analysis of your organization’s specific needs
  • Appropriate, personalized service levels
  • A network of hundreds of qualified language experts
  • Dedicated project managers
    who are easily reached
  • Planned around-the-clock availability, 365 days a year
  • Joint planning of issues and projects
  • Complete one-stop service
  • And more

Protection of your brand equity
and information assets

Years of brand awareness lost

  • What happens if your supplier assesses your texts simply in terms of volume of words without taking into account your culture, objectives, brand and confidentiality requirements?
  • If it hasn’t done careful research about your organization and has no expertise in terminology standardization?
  • And if it assigns each project
    to someone different, relying
    on technologies alone to ensure
    text consistency and neglecting
    style and spirit in the process?

Your brand, organizational structure, and products and services are managed without
any uniform logic and your organization is poorly represented in its multilingual communications.

Comprehensive client protection

  • Dedicated teams
  • Careful analysis of your organization’s unique profile
    and information assets
  • Expert analysis of each text
    and project
  • Logging and analysis of your instructions and preferences
  • Contextualized documentary resources specific to your organization
  • Simple, secure access
    to all relevant information
  • Complete physical/IT security
  • Professional terminology research, creation and standardization
  • Thorough revision
  • Systematic solicitation of client feedback
  • Systematic archival and updating

Preservation of your knowledge
and expertise

Your best experts gone
along with all of their knowledge

  • What happens if a supplier replaces all of your language experts
    with less experienced people, believing that your archives
    and terminology will be enough?
  • If it regularly loses personnel because it doesn’t offer satisfactory working conditions?
  • If it doesn’t have a succession development plan?
  • And if it can’t assign the most qualified people to each project because it manages
    the competencies and time
    of its resources inefficiently?

You and your colleagues end up having to coach the translators
to make up for a serious lack of knowledge.

Comprehensive client protection

  • Direction and strategies determined by language experts
  • Management model focused on preserving your organization’s knowledge and expertise
  • Management model established
    by language experts
  • Very low staff turnover
  • Active succession planning/development
  • And more

The strategic effectiveness
of your communications

Texts without any
of the desired effect

  • What happens if a language supplier uses the same approach and tools for all of your documents—from technical manuals to creative advertisements?
  • If it fails to analyze your texts and chooses language professionals without the necessary industry knowledge and stylistic skills?
  • And if it doesn’t give them time to do their research and consult you?
  • What happens if it reuses passages from your translation archives
    or memories as is, out of context
    and without revision?

Your texts will be awkward, inaccurate or lack impact, and you won’t achieve the intended results.

Comprehensive client protection

  • Expert analysis of each text
    and project
  • Customizable execution strategies and processes
  • Detailed expertise profile for each language professional
  • Careful selection of the language expert for each project
  • Careful selection of the technology tools for each project
  • Knowledge and personalization
    of all translation assistance tools
  • Unique, exclusive tools designed
    by language experts
  • Revision strategies adapted to each project
  • And more

Return on your investment

Quality problems without
any savings

  • What do you do if your supplier regularly charges you unexpected management fees or emergency rates?
  • If it bills you each time for existing material used as is from your translation archives or memories?
  • Or neglects to analyze the texts and translates and bills you for passages that were not to be translated?
  • What do you do if the supplier fails
    to fully grasp your needs and delivers unsatisfactory translations?
    Will you have to pay again to have the work redone or revised?
  • And if your supplier allows
    your expenses to exceed
    your budget because it doesn’t exercise any control over demand and never provides you with reports?

You lose quality without
saving any money or knowing
what the situation is.

Comprehensive client protection

  • Personalized, measurable service levels
  • Expert analysis of each text
    and project
  • Intelligent fee model that ensures maximum value for every dollar
  • Detailed quotes, invoices and reports
  • Careful tracking of demand
  • Careful tracking of emergency work and corresponding charges
  • Careful tracking of expenses
  • Use of statistically valid satisfaction surveys
  • And more

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