Communication isn’t an exact science. Because of this, we constantly review our strategies so that we may continue to offer the best quality guarantee. Our comprehensive value equation integrates and harmonizes the professional standards recognized in the language industry with your own quality criteria.


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We are proud to hold CAN-CGSB-131-10-2008 certification and to adhere strictly to this official professional and commercial quality standard—the only standard specific to the Canadian language industry.

We are also certified under the European quality standard 15038:2006.

Unlike generic industry standards (which are not tailored to the needs of specific fields), these two quality standards deal explicitly with the provision of translation services by individuals or companies.

Primary objectives of CAN-CGSB-131-10-2008 and 15038:2006

  • To guarantee the use of professional translators
  • To ensure the consistent management of each supplier’s human and technical resources, as well as its quality standards
  • To ensure documentation of and full compliance with all language, managerial and administrative processes
  • To ensure that these processes are adapted to the particular requirements of the language industry
  • To safeguard clients’ interests by establishing a framework for client/supplier relations


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Right from the start, we work with you to establish detailed, meaningful and personalized service levels. That way, we know that our offer and quality align with your specific requirements and parameters.

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