Comprehensive process

Our comprehensive process is extremely rigorous—yet highly adaptable. It leverages the cross-functional skills of a vast, dedicated team in conjunction with decades of experience and strategic reflection. Sound professional judgment weighs in at every step of the way.

Phenomenally flexible, infinitely customizable, our comprehensive process lets us maximize quality and efficiency without ever losing sight of your specific needs.

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Client Portal

A secure Web portal makes submitting and processing your requests quick and easy. The personalized order form takes only moments to complete and ensures nothing is forgotten. And you can attach files of any size. Once you submit your request, you receive immediate confirmation. You can also check the status of your other requests.

Documentation Infrastructure

Terminology databases, archives, translation memories, reference documents: our contextualized resources include everything our experts need in order to know your organization and preserve its knowledge and information assets. All content is strictly segregated and secured to ensure your information is protected.


In addition to carefully archiving your documents, we systematically update all the information that needs to evolve in sync with your standards and communications—that is, the content of existing terminology databases, archives, translation memories, reference documents, and so on. Our contextualized resources thus remain fully current and relevant.

Translation Support Tools

We go well beyond standard CAT with CAPT (computer-aided professional translation). Our use of technologies is always guided and optimized by our specialists’ expertise and judgment, and we recommend the best suite of tools based on your challenges. What’s more, we are familiar with all key language technologies and leverage our expertise to develop other even more effective tools.


Rigorous file naming, managed from the outset by our exclusive system, guarantees that your texts are immediately and transparently archived in the appropriate directories. The latest versions are clearly identified and prioritized. Previous versions are safely stored in a separate location. This enables our experts to find the files and other information they need instantly, without difficulty or risk.

Service Request and Needs Assessment

We always start by evaluating your overall needs (project scope and frequency, main services required, main working languages, primary business sectors, knowledge and information assets, etc.). All the necessary resources are quickly organized. Your designated project manager also knows which questions to ask to determine exactly what you need for each project.

Professional Analysis

Careful analysis makes all the difference. We immediately determine the text type and complexity, target audience and level of urgency. This enables us to make fully informed decisions about the right services and language professionals for your project. We also focus on selecting the best tools and developing a timetable adapted to your specific quality and efficiency requirements.


Your dedicated team works in complete synergy, making intelligent use of all the appropriate tools. Each team member is aware of your particular issues and endeavours to facilitate the work of the others and enhance the text’s overall effectiveness. Depending on the specific challenges, more than one revision may be planned, or terminology or style standardized.


Automated tracking of deadlines helps us deliver not only on time, but often ahead of time. Our exclusive management system automatically attaches the right versions of the right files and includes all necessary details. Once your project is delivered, access to your archives is immediately deactivated for security purposes.


We always welcome your feedback and encourage you to send us your final version of any translated text. Your project manager will also contact you to review the process, plan any upcoming projects and make note of any improvement opportunities. Statistically-valid satisfaction surveys enable us to translate feedback from your organization into meaningful indicators and personalized optimization plans.

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