Professional quality

The quality of a professional language solution hinges on far more than knowledge of the rules of language or a grasp of industry standards. Language solutions should also be based on consensus—a process by which we work with you to identify the quality criteria specific to your organization.

By establishing an open dialogue between our organization and yours right from the start, we guarantee a level of quality anchored in objective, measurable professional criteria and aligned with your own preferences, culture and standards—which are quality indicators of equal importance for any truly professional language solution.


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  • Alignment with your organization’s positioning
  • Use of your specific terminology
  • Compliance with your brand management standards
  • Accurate understanding and interpretation of any implicit or explicit reference to your organizational culture, structure and environment
  • Mastering concepts specific to your industry and/or organization
  • Employing the tone and style that are distinctive of your organization
  • Use of the appropriate language register for each text and its targeted readership
  • Scrupulous consideration of your preferences

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