Language professionals

Whether it is your first career or your second, you’ve chosen the language profession with enthusiasm and pride. And for as long as you have been practising, every day has served to satisfy your desire to discover the world and help your clients change it.

But one other desire remains: to be fully recognized for your work, your knowledge and every aspect of your professionalism in an environment conducive to excellence. We offer that kind of environment—one where you can feel fulfilled and valued.

A variety of opportunities

  • Translation
  • Terminology
  • Adaptation
  • Revision
  • Proofreading

Flexible work arrangements

  • Full-time positions with the possibility of teleworking
  • Personalized contract partnerships

Requirements in keeping with our challenges

  • A university degree in translation (bachelor’s or higher)
  • At least three years’ professional translation experience
  • Perfect fluency in your target language (your mother tongue, in most cases)
  • Perfect understanding of your source language
  • Excellent writing and documentary research skills and the ability to apply them to translation
  • Solid knowledge of at least one of our areas of specialization
  • Extensive cultural understanding of the primary market in which and for which you translate
  • Proficiency in the main technology tools used in the language industry

Essential skills and qualities

  • Exceptional rigour and attention to detail
  • Insatiable intellectual curiosity
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Unwavering customer focus
  • Unshakable professionalism, tact and ability to empathize
  • Proven ability to manage stress and urgent situations
  • Enthusiastic openness to challenges, technology and change
  • The ambition to fully commit to a career in a market-leading firm

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