Project managers

Day in, day out, our project managers are your front line of contact. They listen, set your mind at ease, assess your needs, provide solutions and ensure that our services match your requirements. They’re with you every step of the way, taking note of your preferences and adapting our practices to your methods so that you can get the most from the language resources at your disposal.

Our project managers are responsible for building and nurturing the close working relationship that’s so vital to the professional quality of your multilingual communications. Acutely attuned to you and your organization, they’re able to propose solutions that fit your needs to perfection.

Like translation, revision or terminology, management is a passion—a real vocation. Our managers see each of your projects as a strategic mission: an operation with its own inherent challenges and goals that’s designed to help you achieve your results. An operation whose success hinges on close collaboration between you and your dedicated language team.


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Of course, our managers don’t act alone—far from it. In each mandate, they’re supported from start to finish by our language experts and various leaders, in order to fully identify your challenges and choose the appropriate services.

From execution to project planning to performance monitoring, you’re guaranteed solid, friendly and structured management that answers directly to our top executives.

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