Qualifications of our language experts

Translators, terminologists, revisers: our hundreds of language experts have more than just a passion for language. They have a passion for communication, a passion they place at the service of your specific organizational needs.

At Versacom, we don’t see language as a mere commodity, nor as an end in itself. Language is an active force. It persuades. It rallies. It builds bridges, transforms and revitalizes. From marketing to human resources, language is what shapes and gives life to your strategies.

We know full well that these strategies vary from language to language and from country to country. That’s why we place particular emphasis on the specifics of each of your target markets or audiences, whether they’re located in Canada, Quebec or anywhere else in the world.


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  • They have a university degree in their field of language specialty
  • They translate solely into their mother tongue, with rare exceptions
  • They know and unfailingly apply the professional and ethical standards set out by language industry regulators
  • They can ensure official certification of translations
  • They focus on industries they know in-depth and may even have experience working in
  • As local resources, they can see the markets they serve from the consumer's standpoint, and their society from the citizen’s standpoint
  • Whether newcomers or seasoned veterans, they have proven merit as language professionals
  • They mentor the new generation of translators at every opportunity


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