Language technologies: valuable tools

Language technologies have become part and parcel of the industry today. Intelligently used by qualified experts, they can deliver significant advantages:
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Content accuracy and consistency
  • Information security and confidentiality
  • Risk elimination
  • Cost control

Though increasingly sophisticated, these technologies are still far from replacing human expertise—as a quick look at any machine translation will make abundantly clear. That said, “machine translation” and “computer-aided translation” (CAT) should not be taken to mean the same thing. Indeed, they represent radically different technological approaches.


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Computer-aided translation (CAT) is particularly useful for identifying and retrieving previously translated text segments, which are stored in translation memories, databases and archives.

CAT essentially ensures that any identical passages are translated identically. Not only does this contribute to message consistency, it can also speed up the process for the language professionals assigned to the job, generating efficiency gains.

There are many CAT tools. Far from being perfect, however, every one of them involves risks and costs that must be assessed in relation to any potential gains. Only the judgment and knowledge of a real language expert can guarantee the actual value of a given technology and ensure selection of the right tool, based on the challenges inherent to each text, project or sector.

At Versacom, we go beyond computer-aided translation to offer CAPT, or computer-aided professional translation—a term we’ve coined to represent a distinctive technological approach used only by key service providers that are 100% operated by language professionals. Over the coming months and years, you can expect to hear this term used more and more often.


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CAPT is just one aspect of our technology expertise and strategy. Guided by our senior executives—language professionals of long standing—our IT experts have also developed proprietary management technologies. These technologies simplify, accelerate, optimize and ensure the security of hundreds of tasks and support operations that are intrinsic to our entire process and performed by our managers and language experts alike.

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