Assessing a provider’s offer

We can help you determine whether a language service provider offers the expertise you seek along with the ability to provide value-added business solutions tailored to your organizational goals.

Consult the checklist below to see what you need to consider.

For immediate assistance in assessing a provider’s offer, don't hesitate to e‑mail us or call 514 397-1990.

Checklist: Assessing a provider’s offer

Minimum requirements

  • Professional translators (university program graduates)
  • Systematic revision
  • Compliance with the language industry’s professional standards
  • Relevant industry specialization
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Availability to suit your needs
  • Single point of contact
  • Basic project management
  • Essential technological tools
  • Additional basic services (e.g. terminology research, formatting)

Important considerations

  • Senior management team composed of language professionals
  • Seasoned professional translators (university qualified and experienced)
  • In-house language professionals
  • Work methods and processes designed by language professionals
  • Multiple industry specialization
  • Dedicated team for your organization
  • Structured terminological research, development, standardization and management
  • Structured project management
  • Content consistency management
  • Structured management of your information assets (documentation, archives, translation memories, etc.)
  • Capacity that exceeds your expectations
  • Business continuity at all times
  • Translation from and into any language
  • Full range of complementary services (e.g. adaptation, proofreading, copywriting, desktop publishing)
  • Full range of technological tools
  • In-house IT expertise
  • Customized estimates and fee structure
  • Customized invoices and reports
  • Measurable and documented service levels
  • Overall demand and cost management
  • Succession planning
  • A strong commitment to meeting all your needs

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