Our services

Each of our services represents a custom solution—one that can be as simple as desired, or as specialized as needed. The expert support we provide has but one aim: to help you achieve your goals.

Terminology, desktop publishing, quality assurance, data security, project management: we assist you from start to finish with the thoroughness and efficiency you expect.

Tailored collaboration and support

In our range of collaboration modes, you’re sure to find an option that fits your organizational and situational requirements.

From occasional or urgent translations to total strategic outsourcing to international multilingual communications projects, we analyze your needs and immediately set up the required resources. We take all forms of relevant expertise into account and leverage them synergistically.


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Like our language solutions, our various collaboration modes are designed to fit your unique situation. Whether you seek a language partner to help you with occasional translations, international multilingual communications projects or the overall management of your translation resources and operations, the options are nearly limitless. And since we build personalized relationships, our collaboration modes will adapt naturally to any changes to your circumstances.

Occasional or regular service

Whether your needs are simple or complex, occasional or substantial, we provide support tailored to your culture, challenges and the distinct characteristics of your projects.

Fully integrated from the start, your knowledge and information base will be used by your project managers and language experts accurately and knowledgeably, always in the correct context. Should your needs increase dramatically, we immediately bring other experts on board who have been hand-picked based on your unique profile.

The more we work with you, the more you gain in consistency, accuracy and efficiency. We expand your documentary resources. We become thoroughly familiar with the many facets of your organization. We note and comply with your preferences, seamlessly.

Total strategic outsourcing

Any number of reasons can cause an organization to seek to outsource its translation operations and resources. The decision is entirely yours, in consideration of your business objectives. That’s why we don't actually promote outsourcing. We know it's a management approach that you've chosen, so we work with you to ensure it is efficiently implemented and strategically optimized from the outset.

We understand your challenges and concerns, having helped many leading Canadian organizations achieve their outsourcing goals. Our approach delivers long-term success because it's focused on safeguarding the clients' invaluable expertise and information. It’s also the only one tailored to the specific needs of the language industry and language experts.

As soon as you’ve made the decision to outsource, you can depend on our total support. We mobilize and work with your people, eliminate risks and prepare to assume full responsibility for your language-related needs. We also work closely with you to establish clear, relevant and measurable service levels.

You can be assured of a fully seamless transition whose watchwords are quality, continuity and efficiency.

International support

We're the only large-scale, 100% Canadian-owned, Quebec-based language service provider in the country. As such, we're rooted in Canada's unique, remarkably diverse market like no other industry player.

Whether you already operate in Canada or Quebec or are thinking of doing business here, we can help you come to terms with our particular social, cultural, commercial, legal and regulatory framework.

We can also provide language solutions for any other country targeted by your communications, in the languages and dialects of your choice.

Our international partners are as intimately familiar with their markets and societies as we are with ours. To ensure the same winning formula of capacity, insight and quality in every language around the world, we choose our partners with the utmost care. We also actively support, monitor and work with them at every stage of our intelligent process.

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