Launching a new product? Repositioning your offering to single yourself out from the competition? Wondering what to call a specialized or revolutionary concept? Creating a new division, and need to find the right titles for its groups and positions?

We can help you name your most complex, strategic and pioneering notions, in compliance with both your brand management standards and the rules of grammar, syntax, semantics and linguistic construction, particularly as these rules relate to the development of new terms. Each day, our expert terminologists help our translators produce accurate, consistent and dynamic texts, where each word fits seamlessly into your global context and organizational identity.


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We boast the biggest, most experienced and best-equipped terminology centre in the North American private sector. Each of our terminologists has specialized university training that includes research methodologies and lexicography. They have the unique expertise it takes to build comprehensive, consistent and scalable vocabularies. They also know how to standardize your terminology to ensure its widespread adoption and effective use.

Our terminologists also develop and manage secure databases that provide a contextualized explanation for each term, along with details on its origins and particular uses. They provide you (and us) with simple, indispensable tools that guarantee the most judicious, effective use of your knowledge and information at all times.

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