We provide integrated language solutions to over 1,000 Canadian and international clients.

Our client roster includes companies, organizations and institutions working in key sectors. All of them are leaders, regardless of their size.

Many of them place their entire range of language operations and resources in our hands. Each of them seeks a personalized integration process, consistent follow-up, comprehensive support and much more—all of it anchored in trust, with a strong focus on seamless continuity


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What do our clients have in common? A profound sense of their invaluable brand identity and reputation. They know that high-quality communications go a long way toward protecting and enhancing their corporate assets.


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The majority of our clients are established in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada. Many of them, players on the world stage, entrust us with their international language communications because they know they can depend on us for quality, reliability and efficiency, whatever the target language and culture.

We also serve many clients based in other countries. Aware of Canadian market demands and particularities, these organizations count on us to help them carve out a place here and secure an enviable portion of that market.

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