Mission and vision


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To help our clients achieve their most ambitious goals through wholly effective, successful multilingual communications; and to ensure that our core values of heart, insight and strength shine through each and every action we perform.


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Every year, half a billion to one billion dollars are spent on translation in Canada, while some 15 billion are spent worldwide. What’s more, the demand has risen by approximately 15% each year since the turn of the millennium.

In light of these figures, it is tempting to relegate our industry to the status of a word factory and to see professional translation as just another aspect of production. Yet, expert language solutions are a powerful engine of economic development, as well as a potent tool for leveraging knowledge and information.

Whatever their size, whatever their goals, all organizations seek to harness the potential of language and maximize its possibilities to reach their target audiences and markets. In this context, converting language expertise into intelligent, effective business solutions is crucial.

This is the vision shared by the language experts at the helm of Versacom: leaders with the right mix of heart, insight and strength invested in every facet of their profession, and with a full grasp of that profession's linguistic, technological, operational, professional, strategic and financial stakes.

And at the core of this vision lies a sincere desire and strong determination to see you succeed.

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